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Life, Death, Ressurection, Repeat

A poem by Silent

How could you?
How could you do this to me?
I reach out out for the surrealism and try to cling onto it and tell myself this isn't real.
This can't be real, This can't be right.
Surrealism leaves me though and my delusional visions of a friend who would always be there for me is ripped from my mind and now I can only see the razored truth.

I open my eyes, looking for my friend and look up to the one who towers over me. The one who has the power to bring me to my knees and make me feel like a worthless ant gazing upon the splender of the great dragon.
Where once compliments and promises of an eternal friendship poured from her mouth, it is now a mouth full of bloodstained fangs of insults and lies.
My eyes, once filled with joy, now leak searing hot tears painfully down my face.
My heart, which you personally refilled with emotion after it had been drained, is entrapped within your grasp as you hold it out for me to see.
I beg you to end the pain, bless me with death, for, is that not the very least you could give me. But instead you continue to disect me, for you steal the little hope and happiness left within me. The psuedo-sanity I had made myself withstood countless blows of enemy's and maintained even it's kindness-colored coat of paint. But with the single flicker of your tongue, you crumble it like an autumn leaf. My demons, locked inside, are freed and menacingly express their hatred for me through devastating attacks to my self-conscience, ideas and memories.
My world crashes to the ground like the teardrops falling from my eyes and in my mind it happens over and over again. I seek answers to the question for which there is seemingly none: what went wrong? I see the answer and it is everything... It took me so long to see because when the problem is everything, it seems like it is actually nothing.
As I try to climb out of this grave I dug and that you threw me in, you close your fist and crush my heart and dreams.
I close my eyes at the pain and open them and my heart still beats, my dreams still live, and so do I. Your hand holds nothing and there has been no disections, only delusions. I am fine and my psuedo-sanity remains, paint and all. You are no giant, no dragon, and I am no ant. You are someone else, I am still right here. My tears dry and I see clearly you have no fangs, only deception. My heart is still mine and never yours.
The problem is nothing. you had power only because I gave you power and now I strip you of that power.
I gaze upon you, a spider of humanity with the sewn-on wings of a butterfly. I stare at you vengefully, then snap the chains you bound me with and stand bravely, ready to face lifes obstacles. You, who tried so hard to destroy me and almost succeeded, I throw away. The menacing sunlight falls with you and the moon rises and I gaze upon it, a new man.