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The Bands Thoughts of Criss

Draven87 thoughts:

The first song I heard by Savatage was the "Prelude To Madness" and I loved it... When that was over, I heard "Hall of the mountain king"... I loved that too... Then I heard the song that still remains my favorite by them, "Strange Wings". I don't know why it's my favorite, but then again, I'm strange myself...Criss was a great Guitarist and was cut down too early, Like Dimebag... When I listen to savatage songs, I feel laid back. That's about the only band I can listen to without getting an "Extreme emotion" out of it... when I listen to everything else, I either get really mad, really thoughtful, really sad, and really conflicted... I love Savatage cause I can listen to them whenever because I dont have to be in a certain mood to be able to enjoy it. Criss was mostly the reason behind this and I respected everything I ever heard by him.

     I cant really say much more about this subject. It sucked the way he went and I mourn the fact that he cannot make anymore beautiful guitar licks...

Deadly Freds Thoughts:
I myself cannot not say much about Criss. I, like Draven, first heard the song "Prelude to Madness" from the band. I heard him kick into the solo and I was blown away. You dont hear anyone play like that anymore. You have your rare occasions where you have some greats (i.e. Dimebag). But there isnt really anyone nowadays who can play like that. I have also heard "Hall of the Mountain King" and "Strange Wings" from Draven. He is my only real link to there music. But I do enjoy listening to it. It is some great music.
R.I.P. Criss