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The War on Terrorism

The Silent Truth Episode 1

 Everyday we hear about it, the war on terrorism. How a fanatic religious man of Allah blows himself to pieces and kills people in the middle east. Men killing in the name of their God, commonly that being Allah. We sit back and wonder what kind of a God that must be to drive his followers to death. A God that must be unequivalent to the God of the Christians. A God of evil.
 I myself am an Atheist (meaning I don't believe in a higher religion for those that are unfamiliar with the term). I do however pay attention to these kind of things. I have to admit that it took me a while to notice it myself but we are not that far from these terrorists. I am not simply saying this in order to offend the christian audience (if we even have one).
 Everyday almost, I see a sign or two exclaiming 'God bless our troops'. Our troops who are overseas killing the terrorists. But killing is wrong by the bibles standards - it's one of the ten commandment's. Thou shalt not kill. However, in times of war, it is apparently thought that being these killings are in the name of 'freedom' and 'justice' that they are acceptable and in fact righteous in the eyes of God. So now our God will forgive us for purposely breaking his commandments and the act of doing so is now to be praised. In fact, when a man is killed in war, people often say 'At least they are in a better place now.'. These men died killing people - breaking the commandments. So why should we assume they have passed on to heaven instead of it's fiery counterpart? That's right, because these killings are acceptable and are to be praised. So if we go overseas and kill our enemies, who might I add are lesser prepared for this war than we are, then we will go to a better place shall we die and will be rewarded by God. Kill in the name of your reason and go to Heaven, that seems to ring a bell. That's right! That is what the terrorists/extremists believe too! I was wondering where that had been said before.
 Also, we as a country send young men over there to kill these men and are we condemned for this slaughtering of out enemies? No, we praise the country screaming 'God Bless America' and 'Proud to be an American' and waving our Flags from any place they will wave. But what about the people who oppose this war? Well, they are UnAmerican of course! And they should get out of here! If you can't change your religion in order to support this war or disagree with this government, people will no longer see you as a 'true' American and they say you should learn to love this country (AKA conform to it's standards) or leave.
  Also, these oh, so great soldiers who are doing the 'right' thing ask for more protection and better equipment, even though the technology we are using is more advanced than theirs, our weapons and armor are better, and we outnumber them GREATLY. What do people do when they hear this, wonder when will it be enough? Laugh at them? NO, they follow them and complain that the government should give these men more because they are risking their lives for our country. That's not all with that- we mention so much about how brave and great they are - giving their lives for their country. That we should help them further and we should pray for them and sympathize for them and cry for those that die over their. Why? Maybe that does seem a little heartless, but what do I owe them? I didn't ask them to go over their. Our Government only asked, they don't owe them anything for going along with it. It isn't like these men were drafted or picked randomly or sent over their against their will. They chose to do this of their own free will and when they did they knew what they'd be doing, where at, that it could possibly be a long time, and that they could die. They knew the risk and they chose to do it. If I decided to play russian roulette and I lost, people aren't going to cry over it or feel sad. They are going to read it in the paper and say that I'm a fucking moron for playing russian roulette. Why is it so different for these soldiers?
 Look around and think this all over really hard. The only difference between us and these extremist is location, propaganda (which has always been on our side), weaponry, and the fact that we have the masses on our side (thanks to propaganda).
 So the next time you see a sign exclaiming 'God Bless America' or 'God Bless our Troops' or 'Support our Troops', Think about what that really means and discover the Silent truth for yourself.