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Dave "The Stage" Williams

The Stage


David (Dave) Williams (February 29, 1972August 14, 2002) was the singer for the band Drowning Pool. He was born in Princeton, Texas to Charles Edward and Jo-Ann Williams, and was a fixture in the Dallas music scene throughout the 1990s playing in well-known clubs. In 1999, he formed Drowning Pool. The band released the album Sinner in 2001.

Despite the hardcore, grungy attitude that he was known for during concerts, Dave Williams was highly known for his positive, friendly attitude. A statement from his bandmates during his funeral states that he was a friendly man who always made a point to give at least one person a gift and was very friendly- especially to his fans. Dave was also known to be very realistic as well- this was shown when he explained the significance of the lyrics to the song "Sinner".

He died on the band's tour bus in Manassas, Virginia. At the time of his death there was much speculation about the cause; this was laid to rest by a coroner's toxicology report which showed that Williams suffered from undiagnosed cardiomyopathy, a form of heart disease. His lifelong dream that he wanted to accomplish before he died was to buy his parents a house. The sales from the Sinema DVD finally fufilled that after his death.

A public funeral was held in Plano, Texas, on August 18th, and plans for a DVD chronicling his life called Sinema has been released.