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My Final Resting Place

Trapped in the depth of the darkest hell

I have come to see

That heaven was not made for me

That my life was made for nothing

Lucifer’s massive wings are flapping

Creating the coldest air you can feel

I am in here for misanthropy

And for turning on the blasphemous idiots who called on me

I skipped right through purgatory

I did not ride the river Styx

I came right here to my final resting place

Where Judas and Lucifer preside


I have gone into the final level of hell

Past the Minotaur, Cerberus and furies

I no longer feel anything

My body has been frozen solid

The famous men of our world

In Lovecraft, Caesar and Poe

Are no where to be seen

They are on a higher level

Where the philosophers can think free

Alas I am stuck here

In the darkest coldest land

Looking at the face of a woman

I tried so hard not to believe in

But I tell you I believe now

And she is how I thought she would be

A beautiful queen of darkness