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Hitler/Jesus Theory

Your probably wondering what the hell I am talking about. Well let me explain. According to biblical writings, Jesus was sentenced to be executed by a Jewish King. Now, no matter how holy he was, he was still human. And what does every single person want at one time or another? REVENGE.
Now fast foward over 1900 years. Who comes on the scene? Hitler. Now while some are saying that he went after all persons not of his kind, what were the main people he went after? the Jewish. He killed thousands of them, He disgraced them and did to them worse things then any of the others he had imprisoned. And then what happens to Hitler  at the end of the war? he dies. He doesnt go to trial or get caught or anything.
Where Am i going with this? Adolf Hitler was Jesus Christ Re-incarnated. Jews killed Jesus, Hitler killed the jews. If you believe in re-incarnation it makes perfect sense. If you dont believe in it, its a little harder to believe. But look at the facts, It is easily proven.