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What the Devil really is...

No, I am not going to tell you that the devil is really just a figment of your imagination. Trust me, SHE is real.
yes, that is what i am trying to tell you. LUCIfer is really a women. She is a women constantly on her period and she is red because she is really really pissed at god. God cheated on her with Mary and made Jesus. And when he came home to heaven, she knew what he did. And instead of him being a real man and excepting what he did as wrong, he kicked her out of heaven and threw her into hell. Then,on top of that, he cursed her so she is constantly on her period. 
Now i know your saying that She was already in hell before Jesus was born. Well believe what you want, but I dont believe that. I believe she wasnt sent down there until god kicked her out for being a normal wife/girlfriend/lover/butt buddy/whatever.
More proof that the devil is a girl. look at the name LUCY-fer. When is the last time you heard of a guy with Lucy in his name? I mean come, unless he is french, it isnt going to happen.
If you need more proof, go to any married mans house. Look at his wife when she is pissed at him. Whats the first words out of his mouth? "My home became hell". and who caused that? the link between every woman including Lucifer herself.