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Draven's words on dime

     I cant express how much this man meant to me. Every day I would crank up my Stereo and play air guitar to the greatest guitarist of the 90's and beyond's seering riffs and " shread your fucking head off " solo's. The man who inspired a generation of people to pick up the axe and give it hell! A man who was kind to all he met and who NEVER forgot his roots. Yes friends, I'm talking about "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. Ex-guitarist for Pantera/ guitarist for Damageplan. He never neglected a fan or made a fan feel inferior to him. Dime was kind, caring, generous, and actually still a fan himself! He loved going out and meeting everyone that loved him because I guess he remembered how he felt when he was waiting for his favorite musicians to see him. I guess he knew how important his time was to the fans, even it was a little bit or a whole night.
     Everytime I go to band practice or play a show or even just pick my axe up, I do it for him as well as myself. He inspired me as well as millions of others to pick up the axe. But this isn't about me, that's what my Bio's for!!!! This is about Dimebag Darrell. Plain and simple, he was one of the most influential people in metal music.
     My best wishes go out to His family, friends, Pantera and Damageplan members, and his other grieving fans. I want to expecially send out my condolences to Rita (his wife) and Vinnie Paul (you should know that it's his brother by now!!!!). Dime NEVER did anything without his brother right there by his side. He had a chance to play, side by side with none other than Dave Mustaine, in Megadeth but declined the offer when Dave said he already had a drummer he just hired. Dime stated "I cant do it without my Brother man"... For siblings to have that great of a connection together is so surreal to me. I have never experienced that and Vinnie saw his own Brother, the one person that was closest to him, Get shot to death by some senseless ass fucking idiot!!!! I will never mention the man's name again because your only dead if your forgotten. Dime is not, and will never be, dead by that definition because everyone will remember his name and he will be immortal. His shooter (notice I didn't say his name) will be forgotten, and by definition, be dead if everyone forgot the little Bastard's name... Everyone please help me make this possible. Don't mourn Dimebag's death because he wouldn't want that! Embrace his legacy, hold it tight, and never let it slip away. Party Dime style and have a blast with your life like he did! Do what you love, don't think of him as "murdered"... think of him as "gone but not forgotten".
     If by any miracle Vinnie Paul reads this, I just want to say to you......... I loved what you and your brother did and I loved you and your brother like you were part of my family. I know dime  thought of me as part of his family because I was a fan and everyday I wake up, I think about the senseless act that caused this nation to mourn still to this day!!!! I cry about it from time to time but hey, if anybody reading this thinks it's "pussy" for a man to cry, I got two words to say, FUCK YOU!!!! The man was my inspiration and my hero so I'll bawl my eyes out everyday if I want because their's nothing wrong with a man doing it. Vinnie, I know it probably wont happen for a long, long time but I really hope your wounds heal. Never hold your feelings about it in. Accept them as they are and ride with them because they speak the pure and utter truth! This doesn't go for just Vinnie either, this goes for everybody out there that ever had something as tragic as this or anything at all happen to them. Never reject your feelings.
     So, in closing, I will say that is has been an honor to write to you (whoever reads this) about the greatest man to ever step up to the metal scene, with a guitar in hand, and blow it into a whole new demention of Mayhem. Dimebag, wherever you are, Rock on Mother Fucker!!!!