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Deadly Fred's thoughts

Dimebag to me was an inspiration. He was one of the greatest guitarist in History, He in my opinion was the greatest metal guitarist period. When he played you had one of two reactions. You want to pick up the guitar to be like him, or you want to put down the guitar because you will never be as good as him.

                You see videos and things of him now and you know how great of a man he was. He lived everyday to its fullest. now leaving a autograph signing or back stage meeting till everyone had a chance to meet him or get a drink with him.

                His music style was awesome. He could do things on guitar that not many people can do. From the squels from "Cemetery Gates", to the solo in "Domination". Riffs like "Cowboys From Hell" and "5 Minutes Alone". He was great at what he did. He knew it whether he would admit it or not.

                I know I dont have as much to say here, but it is hard for me to put what happened and my reactions into words.

                All I know is that a great man was taken away that night. The asshole that shot him will burn in hell for what he did. Dimebag will be missed severely unlike him. And Dimebag will go on as a legend.