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February 5, 2005

     It's been a rough week on me. Yesterday morning, I walked about three miles to try to get to my bassists house cause my family was argueing. I got a job at Gold Star Chili and I hope I can last in this "Structured" invironment they have. I am an anarchist and I take pride in that. I haven't slept in close to two days now. I'm an extreme Insomniac... but oh well, fuck it. I am the way I am and i accept it. I was withdrawed from school this week too. Yesterday, I got the guitar world tribute to Dimebag... It came with a CD-Rom w/ Dimebag at Crank Industries (the amp factory)... I saw him and started crying... yeah, that's right, I cried!!!! He was the most important person in my life because he inspired me to pick the axe up and give it hell and he was just too damn good of a person to be brought down in the way he was. well, i gotta go. I'm gonna shred in true Dimebag style.... till i cant anymore!!!!