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The band's thought's on kurt


Kurdt Cobain was truly one of a kind. He was accepted by few and misunderstood by most. I can remember the day he died. I was devastated... I was only 7 when it happened but I could comprehend the fact of life and death. Life sucks and then you die, it happens... it's a fact. But anyways, I was sitting there listening to my cousin's Nirvana CD. It was on the song "Rape Me" when he came in and said that they found him dead. I asked How he died and my cousin, who was also a Juggalo, said "he blew his nugget off"...
     When I heard that, I lost my mind! I didn't know what to do. I never owned a Nirvana CD of my own until I was about 11. I bought it with every bit of the money I had (cause my family was really fuckin' poor). It was "Nevermind". I listened to all of the songs, most of them I never heard before, the first day I got it. Even though I never heard most of the songs, I felt like I already knew them for some reason. By day two, I Memorized the whole damn CD. By day three, I had the goddamned Booklet Visually memorized and most of the shit like producers, crew, address and stuff. Yes, I was and still am a very very big Nirvana fan.
     I hate the fact that people now-a-days listen to Nirvana and buy Nirvana clothes and not even know anything about the God who was known as Kurdt Cobain. They say they love his music but cant even figure out what he's tryin' to say! I guess they think it's cool or whatever to do it. They take away from the true people that loved kurdt and and his music. If they really want to get into Nirvana, I got a little hint for them... Stop acting like "Smells like teen spirit" is the only song they ever fucking released!!!! they have so much more shit than that. try to look up one of personal favorites, "verse, chorus, verse" on a download system (cause you cant get it on a CD)... i love that song.
     Well, I'm gonna cut it off here, I will leave you with this, Kurt said it best...
                                        - Draven87

I personally never knew kurt and his music as much as Draven or Anarchy does. When he died i was 6 years old. I was too young to care about anything back then. But when I got older I really did get into his music. When you listen to everything in his music, he was tone deaf as some say, he was a genius. He is one of the main bands that stopped "Hair Bands".

When you look back on his life and everything he did, you could possibly have predicted what would happen to him. But whether you could predict it or not, it is/was still a great tragedy. His life was twisted up, his wife was a god ugly women whose mind was worse then her looks. In some ways I think if i was him i would have done the same thing. But whether it was for the best for him or not, it is still a tragedy to the greatest degree.

R.I.P. Kurt R.I.P.

-Deadly Fred

Kurt was an amazing man. Nirvana literally made grunge, one of the rare great AND unique rock genres out their. They paved the way for bands like Alice N' Chains... and (sadly enough) Pearl Jam. But all in all, it wasn't really Nirvana's sound that left such a lasting impression on me but more or less, their lyrics. Kurt Cobain wrote songs that although sometimes you had to think a while on them to get the meanings of them(hell, 'Smells like Teen Spirit' still makes me think), when you finally understood what he meant, you understood perfectly. I kind of wish I could tell you his death made me cry or depressed me but I really can't. I actually didn't become a fan of Nirvana until years after Kurt's unfortunate demise.
   I remember sitting in the middle left side seat of my mother's van one night and hearing WEBN announce they had "new stuff" by Nirvana. At first I thought 'how cruel!' then nearly fell out of my seat laughing when I got to thinking about it. Then they played the song 'you know you're right' and Kurt began to sing and I could literally feel the hair across the back of my neck stand up. Shivers ran cold up my spine. by the end of the song, I strangely felt almost traumatized and it was hard to fight back the tears. A few weeks later I saw the music video and it all simply felt overwhelming and I got depressed and cried a little.
   While attending Western Hills I saw Draven come into the class one day holding 'journals' by Kurt Cobain and I asked him about it and sure enough, the next thing you know, I'm at the library renting it out. I read it and it was simply amazing, fucking awesome. There was times when He had read my mind before he wrote it.and times when I realized that he had life a lot rougher than I could imagine. Kurt was over all an inspiration to me and millions. His band was one of my influences for making music and he was the sole inspiration for me to start my own journal. It's ashame a mind that great isn't with us today. All in all, I think Kurt Cobain might just have been the most honest musician I've ever seen before. He told things like they were. He didn't lie to anyone, even himself.
-Silent Mike