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Card from Brothers Funeral

My brother was born in 1992 he died in 1995.The day my brother died a part of me died to.I feel like there is big hole
inside of me .That was put there by a cancer that will not go away.Most people deal with death in many ways .I admire those who die .They have reached the best part of life.Death is peaceful for all and is something we should enjoy."Death is the
only thing is real in this world you should not fear it".When my brother left me.I have never been the same my hatred for the world grew.I hated everyone and everything around me.Now I don't hate the world as much.There are a lot of things that have been taking from me in this life but this one hurts the most

This is why I have this tattoo

Alot of people ask me why I have this tattoo.I did not have a life I raised myself since I was a child .I grew up on the street all of my child hood.The times I was not on the street I was in jail.The hood I lived was not for the weak sometimes Iam suprised that Iam still alive.It was utter hell I still live there me and draven spent alot of our child hood figthing for our meals and our life .Iam not really going to coplain because this is the hand i was dealt.Look at your self and asked yourself what is the meaning of the word life? To me the world life means nothing we are all here for something.I don't believe there is god or a devil i believe we are all here for something.Life is what you make it