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Draven's Thoughts Of Randy

     Randy Rhoads was, in my opinion, the greatest guitarist EVER!!!! I loved his style and the way he constructed solo's. I can remember the first album I ever owned was the Ozzy Osbourne Tribute to Randy Rhoads. My first album I bought was Nirvana's nevermind, but that was the first album I owned. I got "Tribute" as a gift from My Uncle Scott. Like I said, My first metal memory was me sittin' there listening to Black sabbath's "Warning" and banging my head to the insane solo(which was the whole song)... I got interested in Ozzy's solo stuff and asked my uncle how much the album "tribute" cost and he said: "here ya go, keep it buddy. You'll love it." And i did. I loved it more than anything I ever heard. Even more than Sabbath!!!! Then I got "Blizzard Of Ozz" off of my uncle Rocky cause he never listened to it anymore. I loved it and had the same reaction i did when i first heard "Tribute". The purely raw sound of "Mr. Crowley" made me bang my head in unison to the riff. The melodic picking of "Revelation (mother Earth)" calmed the beast within me. The solo in "Crazy Train" blew me away. The whole damn guitar part to "Suicide Solution" left me in a state of astonishment.
     This is about the last thing I can say about this subject... Randy is a legend and if you've never heard this man play, Give him a shot. you wont be sorry...
Rest In Peace Randy Rhoads