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Draven's thoughts on Cliff

     Cliff Burton was tied with Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) of being my favorite bassist. The man was so inventive with his music. He didn't let the fact that bass is the least heard thing in music discourage him from giving it his all every time he played. In my opinion, Metallica was best when they had him. I loved the solo he did in Cliff 'em all... he made that mother fucker sound like an electric guitar!!!! That's true talent... in my view. My favorite song that he played in was Master of puppets and first song i heard with him in it was Seek and Destroy...
     The man was a genius to the fullest extent of the definition... He could do damn near anything with that piece of wood w/ strings, his instrument (or what i say, his "murder weapon) of chioce, the bass...
     If you havent heard the man play, try to get the rare CD    Cliff 'em all by metallica or Kill 'em all, Ride the lightning, or Master of puppets. He's amazing... even if you don't like his playing, the records above is a must have (expecially master of puppets). this was from when Metallica was kicking ass every night with hard ass riffs and unbelieveable solo's.
     All i have left to say is i hope you like the info...
Rest in peace Cliff...