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Anarchy's thoughts on cliff

First of all if you don't know who Cliff is get the fuck on this site now you are not welcome.Ok those of you who do know he is you must know.That cliff Burton was the best DAMN bass player there ever was hands down.When I was like 10 years old I saw Cliff'em all that was one of the best shows in my life.Cliff left us to early .For those of you who don't know i play bass as a hobby (not as good as Cliff though). the only reason i ever picked up a bass was because i wanted to play like Cliff.He was someone that could never be replaced!Most people don't agree with me when i say this Cliff burton made metallica iam sorry to say this but i got to give the man his credit.The man iam takling about is Dave Mustaine.Mustaine and Burton was meatllica they made it hard-core.When Cliff gone and mustaine with Megadeth meatllica has died to .So if you are a meatllica fan iam so sorry but that is the truth.The thing i liked the most about Cliff was the way he made his bass sound .Now one today tomorrow,or never can ever play like Cliff again.REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!