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Deadly's thoughts on Layne

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Layne Staley. The Man in a Box. Whether on vocals, guitar, or drums. Whether in Alice in Chains or Mad Season, this man was great. Most people when they think grunge, they think Nirvana.
Not me. I think Alice in Chains.
I remember the day I heard he died. It was a shock to my system. It was up there with the day Dimebag died. Emotions built up inside of me and made me want to break down. Hearing that he had O.D. in his home, it was a great tragedy.
This man was a big inspiration to me musically. He could do all that he wanted. He started off on Drums. That really made me like him. But his voice was amazing. Whether he was doing acoustic stuff with Jerry Cantrell off of Unplugged. Or he was was getting heavier with songs like "Man in the Box", "Godsmack" and "Angry Chair". His voice was always just right.
It was understandble why Staind and Cold made songs about him. They, like many, were influenced by him as well. While they are great songs, i wish they didnt have to be made in the first place.
Musicians. Inspiration. Man in the Angry Chair.
R.I.P. Layne  R.I.P.