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the bands thoughts on Bonham

Draven87 Thoughts:
Jon Bonham was the drummer for Led Zeppelin. He was true to his nickname, "The Berserker". He was the greatest Drummer to face the drum set, even though he rarely showed it. I wasn't really inspired by him because I'm not a drummer but I was intrigued by Zep's music. They had a thing that made them click well together and that made me think i needed to find people that just clicked off the bat, not people that needed to get into 'sync with me. I really think i found it with the current line-up... and for that, I thank Jon Bonham and everyone in Led Zeppelin. You gave me the most important aspect of a band, the fun and pleasure of the other band members' company.

Deadly Freds Thoughts:
The Beserker. A great in the realm of drums. He was one of the greatest drummers who has ever lived. He managed to put up with all of Zepplins music without falling asleep and that takes skill. He managed to use a 26" bass drum as well. Nobody really goes past a 22" nowadays. But all kidding aside he was really good at what he did. His beats were unique and went with what Zepplin did perfectly and for that I take my hat off for him.
R.I.P. Jon