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Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath is an old school band out of Birmingham, England. The original Line-up was as follows:

John "Ozzy" Osbourne - Vocals
Frank "Toni" Iommi - Guitars
Geezer Butler - Bass
William "Bill" Ward - Drums

Black Sabbath has been noted time and time again as a major influence by bands such as Pantera, Black Label Society, and Megadeth. Their musical influence is as strong now as it was originally in the 70's and 80's. Their songs are still heard on the radio, 35 years after they was released in 1971! They have had over 12 tribute albums recorded in their honor. They are about to be inducted into the Rock 'N Roll hall of fame in March of this year (2006). The band has had more switch-up's than imaginable! The original line-up released 9 CD's before switching vocals. The man to replace Ozzy? Ronnie James Dio. The band then released one album, "Heaven and Hell", before yet another line-up switch. The Drummer, Bill Ward, was replaced by Vinny Appice. This line-up released two albums, "Mob Rules" and "Live Evil", before yet another switch. Ronnie James Dio was replaced with Ian Gillan and Bill Ward took over the drums once more. They released one album, "Born Again", and changed players once more. This time, Glenn Hughes took vocals, Dave Spitz threw down on Bass, and Eric Singer took over the drums to make "Seventh Star", a 'solo' album done by guitarist Toni Iommi, but released under Black Sabbath's name. Then, Tony Martin took the vocal spot while Bob Daisley Filled the bass position and they released "The Eternal Idol". Out with Daisley (bass) and Singer (drums), and in with Lawrence Cottle (bass) and Cozy Powell (drums). Afterwards, "Headless Cross" was born. Then, Neil Murray jumped on bass to record "Tyr". Then, almost a complete switch happens. Ronnie James Dio comes back in on vocals, Geezer Butler returns to bass, and Vinny Appice takes on the drums once more. They release "Dehumanizer" before Dio and Appice exit once again. To fill them, Tony Martin (vocals) and Bobby Rondinelli (drums) step up to the plate. "Cross Purposes" and "Cross Purposes: Live" are released. Butler and Rondinelli leave and Neil Murray (bass) and Cozy Powell (drums) enter yet again. "forbidden" was recorded. Now onto a 'greatest hits' CD. "The Sabbath Stones" featured artists such as Iommi, Butler, Ward, Dio, Hughes, Martin, Powell, Appice, Gillan, Daisley, Murray, Spitz, and Singer. Then, Oh My God, the original line-up resurfaces with a live "Reunion" CD. The CD featured two new songs, "Psychoman" and "Selling My Soul". Afterwards, the CD's released by Black Sabbath have been "Past Lives", a live album, "Symptom of the Universe", A 'best of', and "Black Box", a box set... All the original Line-up! The original line-up might get together for a new album. We can only hope!!!!

James Says:

I loved the original line-up of the band. It was by far the greatest band ever conceived! After they switched up the members, It wasn't as good. But the riffs of Tony Iommi was unmistakable throughout it all. The original line-up clicked so well with eachother. They made some of the best music still to date. The vocals of Ozzy Osbourne, The Guitars of Toni Iommi, The bass of Geezer Butler, and the drums of Bill Ward all come together to make a sound out of this world and untouched by any band still today. It has the lowest of low ends and the guitars went off of blues scales and chords. The overall sound is totally amazing in my opinion. When the four of them got together, they accomplished the most amazing things. Nobody else could have came in that band to replace somebody and do as good of a job at it as the original did. Ozzy's voice set it over the top and made it special. When they changed him out, they fucked their sound all up. So, they lost alot of points after he was fired. It just wasn't the same without the Ozzman singin'. So my verdict for the band is a split one...

Black Sabbath w/ original line-up = Godly (A+)

Black Sabbath after Ozzy = Good (C)

Mike Says:

For anyone that knows me, you know that Black Sabbath is one of my favorite bands of all times. But, you also know that is Black Sabbath with Ozzy I talk about. I could split a review between Sabbath with Ozzy and Sabbath Post-Ozzy, like James did, but I decided that I won't. I'll simply give a rating for Sabbath overall. With Ozzy, Sabbath was AMAZING! Hell, if that's all we were talking about it would be an A++! They clicked together and worked together stunningly. Not many bands can say the same. You can have the best guitar player, the best bass player, the best vocalist, and the best drummer in history, but if they don't click, it won't be worth it. After Iommi decided to get rid of Ozzy on vocals, the band tried to replace him and so began the line up change after line up change like was mentioned in the bio. Ronnie James Dio is one of my least favorite vocalists of all time. He's a mediocre vocalist and as a person, he is an asshole. My suggestion to anyone looking to check out Black Sabbath, look at any of their albums pre-Dio except for Technical Ecstacy, the one album of Sabbath during the Ozzy years that I have to say wasn't all that good. If you're saying you've heard them and thinking of Ironman or Paranoid, you haven't heard shit yet. Regardless of the Dio years, I still say Black Sabbath is ultimately one of the greatest bands ever. But hey, you don't really need me to tell you that.

Rating: Superbeast (A)